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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Train Transfers

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has three underground train stations for the inter-terminal People Mover that runs between the Terminal and the two Concourses with departures every 90 seconds.

The route for the People Mover is Terminal, Concourse A, Concourse B in a round trip with up to 500 round trips per day.

There is no train station at the airport itself.

Cincinnati Union Terminal

The largest train station close to CVG is Cincinnati Union Terminal located on 1301 Western Ave. The easiest way to transfer via public transportation from the airport to the train station is by the TANK bus 2x (Airporter) to central Cincinnati and change buses at one of the bus stops in the center. Different routes will depart from different stops and to different stops at a variation of distances from Union Station. Some will stop at a bus stop right outside, others require a walk of around 10 minutes. Which one that is the best depends on when the journey takes place and what routes are available at the time.

Cincinnati Union Terminal is an intercity train station, but also a cultural center and a museum. It is often referred to as CUT, its abbreviation, or CIN, which is the station code Amtrak uses for the Terminal.

Amtrak’s thrice-weekly long distance Cardinal line between New York’s Penn Station Chicago Union Station with major intermediate stops in Philadelphia, Washington D. C, Charlottesville, Charleston and Huntington also stops in Cincinnati before also stopping in Indianapolis on its way to Chicago.

Trains depart New York City on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays while they depart from Chicago on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The journey from beginning to end takes around 28 hours

The train station has 1 platform and 2 tracks today, but originally there were 8 platforms and 16 tracks.