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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Transfers

Everyone needs a transfer to or from the airport when they are flying. When you arrive at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport there are a few options of how to transfer including rental cars, public transportation buses, taxis and more.

Before proceeding to either enter the airport or leave the airport please make sure you have collected all your personal belongings so you don’t leave anything behind.

Picking Up and Dropping Off at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

It is allowed to pick someone up or drop someone off on the curbside outside the airport terminal. It is not allowed to park and leave the vehicle unattended on curbside.

The Cell Phone Lot is located only minutes from the terminal and greeters can wait in their vehicles free of charge while the traveler is getting ready for pick up after collecting their luggage.

Parking at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport has several parking options. The most convenient one is in the CVG  Terminal Garage adjacent to the Terminal for $15 per day, but there are both cheaper and more costly alternatives. The cheaper alternatives are located further from the Terminal with complimentary shuttle buses running to/from the parking lot/Terminal. The more expensive alternatives come with services. This includes the new Airport Valet option that is due to open up during the fall of 2021.

Rental Cars at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

It is recommended to have a reservation for your rental car before the arrival at the airport. The car rental companies at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport are not located in the airport terminal and a shuttle ride is necessary to reach the offices of the different car rental companies. Follow the signs in the Terminal for rental car shuttles to find the one for the company of your choice.

Public Transportation at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

TANK, Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky, operates the 2x Airporter that runs between Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and central Cincinnati on a daily basis. The bus departs approximately every 30 minutes going both directions, beginning around 5.00 AM and ending around 12.00-12.30 AM all days of the week.

Follow the signs for Public Transit in the Baggage Claim to where the buses depart outside the terminal building.

In Cincinnati buses depart from 5th at Elm. Tickets can be purchased on the bus or through the Transit with EZFare application for smartphones. A single one way journey for an adult is $1.50 and the journey takes approximately 25 minutes. See more about buses to and from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.

Taxi Cabs at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

There are many taxi companies with permits to pick up customers at the airport. They can be found outside the Baggage Claim area on the Arrivals Level. The journey to central Cincinnati will take around 20 minutes and cost around $35. See more about taxis at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport.

Walk-up Shared Shuttle at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

Executive Transportation offers walk-up shared shuttle transfers at their desk near door 5 in the Baggage Claim area. No reservations needed.

Hotel Shuttles at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

Certain hotels offer the service of an airport shuttle to or from the airport to their guests. These transfers are organized in advance, through the hotel, by the traveler or someone representing the traveler. Follow the signs in the Baggage Claim area for where these shuttles pick up their guests.

Rideshares at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

Rideshare companies pick up their customers outside door 10, Baggage Claim on Arrivals level. These transfers are arranged through the company app.

Limousines and Shuttles at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

There are several companies offering their limousine or shuttle services to travelers needing to transfer to or from the airport. These services are arranged by the traveler or their representative beforehand. Only companies with permits to collect travelers from the airport are allowed to do so.