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Buses from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport with Bus Routes and Times

When arriving at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, please remember to collect your entire luggage from the baggage claim area of the arrivals hall before proceeding to your choice of transfer from the airport.

Transfer options available are rental cars, taxicabs, public transportation buses and more.

Public Transportation Buses at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky, TANK for short, operates a public transportation bus route between central Cincinnati and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, with additional stops at DHL, Amazon Air Hub and CVG Centre.

Buses run from 5.00 AM to 12.00-12.30 AM every day of the week with departures every 30 minutes throughout.

Buses depart from the Baggage Claim Level of the terminal. There are signs available showing the way to Public Transit.

The route is called 2x Airporter.

In Cincinnati the bus departs from 5th at Elm and it stops at a few more locations in Cincinnati before heading into Kentucky. The additional stops mentioned above are all located on airport grounds.

The journey between the airport terminal and downtown Cincinnati takes around 25 minutes one way.

Bus fares can be purchased in cash on the bus or through the Transit with EZFare application that can be downloaded on smartphones. Pre-paid fares are available through different passes.

The fare for the bus between the airport and downtown Cincinnati is $1.50 for an adult single journey.

Transfers should be purchased from the bus driver/operator when paying for the ride on the first bus. The cost for transfers is $0.25 and the transfer is valid for two hours after it was issued. The transfer can be used at any bus stop or to ride any route, except for the Southbank Shuttle.

When purchasing a one-ride ticket on the Transit with EZFare app transfers are included in the fare for free.

Hotel Shuttles at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport

Some hotels offer the service of an airport shuttle to and from the airport and the hotel to their guests. These transfers are organized and arranged through the hotel by the traveler or their representative. Follow the signage in the Baggage Claim area for the pick-up spot for hotel shuttles.